Telas para muebles - Lotti Haeger


Lotti is a Swedish art director living in Bogotá Colombia. She has a 25 year work experience within television, film, theatre and venue design in Colombia and abroad.

The idea for her brand LOTTI HAEGER DESIGN, developed some 20 years ago; the maturity of this artist can now be appreciated in Lotti´s first textile collection ASITA. It is inspired by the Colombian tropics and the clean trace so characteristic of her country of origin.

The exaltation of Lotti´s colours paired in a very harmonious way with her patterns make each item a unique piece. The collection exalts the luxury of a country´s vegetation, colour and form.

Lotti´s daring boldness puts in evidence our need to create attractive, incomparable exclusive interiors.

“Man needs colour to live; it´s just as necessary an element as fire and water”
Fernand Léger (1.881 – 1.955) Artist.